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Keep Your Property Safe by Removing Hazardous Trees

The California government has encouraged residents to quickly remove fire-damaged trees that are in danger of falling, causing continual wildfire damage. Let us help.

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Land Clearing and Hauling

As Californians and land clearing contractors, we understand the importance of fire risk management. We help residential and commercial properties by removing dead trees, foliage, and debris that can contribute to wildfires. Contact us to learn about our land clearing costs and extensive tree hauling services.

Wildfire Damage Cleanup

Fire-related damage is becoming all too common in the Santa Cruz area. Whether caused by unauthorized human activity, lightning, or prescribed fire projects gone wrong, we’re here to help with California wildfire cleanup. Our team removes dead, damaged trees which pose as potential fuel for future fires.

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Californial Wildfires
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Hazard Tree Removal

Have the California wildfires left you with damaged, hazardous tree debris? Our tree removal service removes unsightly, dangerous tree waste from your yard. Whether you’re in search of residential tree removal services or an excavation contractor for commercial purposes, we’re your team. 

Removing trees from your property is a dangerous endeavor that should be handled by professionals who offer experienced tree removal service. Hazardous tree removal is especially risky as the tree in question may have damage or other characteristics that require expert handling. The first step in effectively protecting your property is through a professional hazardous tree assessment that can identify any problematic trees before they can cause damage.

Recognize and Prevent Tree Hazards

Nearly every tree has the potential to cause problems, which makes it extremely important to hire experts who can consider the benefits and risks of tree removal. Experts also have years of experience to analyze the setting of any questionable trees to correct and prevent hazards. Regular tree inspection helps identify conditions that can contribute to trees falling or breaking and gives you time to remove them before they cause danger. Trees with structural defects that may lead to part or all of it falling on a person or valuable property can be considered hazardous trees. However, a defective tree off in the woods of your property where there aren't people or structures may not require immediate removal. Any questions about the necessity of hazardous tree removal should be directed to tree removal professionals.

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Identifying Hazardous Trees

It can be challenging for the untrained eye to determine what qualifies a tree as hazardous. There are some things to look out for when planting trees and examining existing trees that can prevent future issues.

  • Type of Tree

    Some species of trees such as silver maples, willows and box elders have a more brittle nature that can make them prone to falling or dropping large branches.

  • Dead Limbs

    Any large dead limbs or branches in a tree require immediate inspection and removal because they can fall in a strong breeze, when a child climbs the tree or when the tree gets bumped. Dead limbs also indicate a possible health issue with the tree that necessities its removal.

  • Crossed and/or Rubbing Branches

    Tree branches that cross each other and/or rub against each can cause weak spots in the tree and require removal to avoid bigger issues.

  • Dead or Dying Tree

    Any dead or dying trees within range of humans, houses or assets require prompt removal by an experienced tree removal service.

  • Forked Trunk

    Forked trunks in a tree can indicate weakness, especially if one of the forks grows outward instead of upward.

  • Leaning

    Some trees grow lopsided or lean, and if they've always been that way, they may be safe. A sudden leaning in any part of the tree indicates weakening or breaking of the supporting roots and requires immediate attention.

  • Root Decay

    It can be difficult to detect root decay without professional assistance, but if you find mushrooms growing near or on the base of the tree, this can indicate a problem.

  • Severed Roots

    A recent construction project within the root zone of a tree can lead to severed roots. When roots become cut, they can't support the crown and trunk of the tree. Severed roots are also open wounds that lead to decay and internal damage.

Deciding on Hazardous Tree Removal

Although tree removal cost can make some people hesitate to remove trees that present a hazard, the expenses of property damage and human injury can be much higher. Some trees with obvious issues may be savable, but the only way to know is by having a tree expert come out to perform an inspection.

Christianson Tree Experts can assess your trees, prevent problems by pruning, preserve heritage trees and help keep your property safe by removing hazardous trees. Contact us today at 831-338-6984/831-425-0801. We provide services in Santa Cruz, CA and surrounding areas: Aptos, Capitola, Monterey Bay, San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley, and Watsonville

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