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Christianson Tree Experts Co. is fully licensed and insured to provide the highest quality tree services to customers throughout Santa Cruz, California, and surrounding areas.

Tree removal

Tree Removal

Whether you’re in search of residential tree removal services or an excavation contractor for commercial purposes, we’re your team.

Land clearing

Land Clearing & Hauling

All of our land clearing contractors are well-versed in wildfire risk management, as well as residential cleanup and protection.


Trimming & Pruning

Our work adds value to your home, enhances your family’s safety, and ensures the trees on your property remain beautiful and expressive.

Tree Planting, Care, and Removal Services in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a beautiful place - and we’re proud to help keep it that way. Christian Tree Experts Co. offers tree planting, protection, and removal services. When a tree becomes an eyesore or threat on your property, give us a call at 831-388-9684. We’ll send out a licensed and insured team to care for your trees.

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Santa Cruz Dangerous Tree Removal Services

Our tree services include the assessment and removal of hazardous trees on your property. When a tree is weakened or overgrown, it can pose serious risks to residents’ safety. The sooner you deal with out-of-control trees, the better.

Contact Our Team If You’re Dealing With

  • Larger-than-usual tree canopies
  • Tree sap running down trunks
  • Over-hanging branches
  • Limb scarring
  • Entangled branches
  • Excessively leaning trees
  • Deep tree trunk decay
  • Conks and brackets on root flares

To ensure your property is safe, we recommend scheduling a tree assessment every three years. This helps you spot current and potential dangers before they become serious threats.

Santa Cruz Expert Tree Pruning and Shaping Services

A big aspect of yard maintenance is pruning and shaping your landscaping. Our tree services will trim your small to large trees. This boosts curb appeal and generally adds value to homes, offices, and commercial properties.

You Need Professional Tree Services If

  • Overgrown branches are scratching the building
  • Trees are encroaching on power lines
  • Unsightly growth is reducing your property’s aesthetic appeal
  • You haven’t had your property surveyed in years

Christianson Tree Services has trimmed and pruned trees across the Santa Cruz region. Don’t hesitate to call 831-388-9684 when your yard starts to look a little overgrown.

Let Us Take Care of Your Oak Trees in Santa Cruz

California is known for its easily recognizable oak trees, including the valley oak and blue oak. We’ve made it a priority to learn about these plants and offer expert oak tree services throughout Santa Cruz county.

Our Oak Tree Specialists Take Care Of

  • Tree diagnostics and assessment
  • Oak tree growth management
  • Seasonal cutting
  • Regular maintenance
  • Trimming, pruning, and stump removal
  • Storm damage minimization
  • Tree resizing

Arborists in Santa Cruz

Our expert arborists serve as “tree surgeons.” We know just how to prune and manage trees to give them longer lives and beautiful appearances. When you hire Christian Tree Experts, we’ll do everything we can to safely care for your property.

Christianson Tree Experts Offers

  • Regular maintenance
  • Tree removal
  • Tree planting
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Emergency tree care
  • Reduction in risk damage

Stump Removal and Grinding Services in Santa Cruz

Although you may be tempted to remove or grind tree stumps on your own, we don’t recommend it. There’s always the possibility that you could hit an underground obstruction, such as a gas or water pipe. Instead, turn to our professional (and safe) tree services. We’ll immediately schedule a stump removal appointment at your Santa Cruz property.

Call Our Tree Services If

  • Stumps pose a threat to residents and maintenance crews
  • The stumps are ugly and unsightly
  • Tree stumps are lowering your property value
  • Stumps are somehow damaging your property

What We Offer Santa Cruz Homeowners and Businesses

Christianson Tree Experts provide a variety of tree services to Santa Cruz residents, as well as:

  • Licensed and Insured Arboreal Work

    We want all of our clients to know upfront that we are fully licensed and insured. All of our methods are compliant with the latest industry standards, and our equipment is maintained to offer the highest level of safety.

  • A Dedication to Professionalism

    Our goal is to tackle each project professionally and expertly. All of our tree services are rooted in purpose, and we’ll ensure you always understand why we do the things we do. If you’re not happy with our work, we’ll make it right.

  • Complete Service from Planting Through Removal

    Whether you’re planting your first sapling or removing an ancient tree stump, we’re here to help. Our comprehensive tree services include growth management, disease protection, regular trimming, and more.

  • An Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction

    We’re not happy until you’re happy. We’ll never leave your property a mess, and we’ll continue serving you until you’re 100 percent happy with your property’s safety and appearance.

We’re Proud to Serve Santa Cruz

There’s more to Santa Cruz than just its beautiful beaches and beach-town feel. More than 64,000 people call the city their home, and as a local business, we’re here to serve these homeowners and property owners. We’ve been working in the area for more than four decades, and we’re proud of that.

Let's Make Your Yard Safe and Beautiful

You deserve a yard that reflects how deeply you care for your property. With Christianson Tree Services, you can finally achieve that manicured, carefully cultivated image you’ve always wanted. We’ve helped hundreds of Santa Cruz residents achieve new levels of beauty in their backyard, and we’ll do the same for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various factors that affect the total price of professional removal. When professionals come in with a commercial grinder, it usually costs about $3 per diameter inch of the stump. If you’re clearing large areas (multiple stumps), you could face an hourly rate of $150.

One of the critical considerations to make when you are looking to choose a tree removal service is the time of year you opt to get your tree removed. Now, if you have a pressing reason to want the tree gone, this is going to impact when you might choose to get in touch with removal experts. However, if you can take a measured approach, the best time to do this would be the winter. In the winter months, the trees are bare, and this makes it easier to remove them more efficiently.

Tree removal services could save your property from serious harm in many ways. Make sure you get in touch with a local tree expert if your tree has become a risk, a hazard, or a severe inconvenience. Here are some ways in which removing a tree can save your property.

After the storm passes, look outside from the safety of your home first. The reason for doing this is that your trees may have tangled with utility lines. If this is something you notice, it is important to call an electricity provider straight away. Once you have established there is no immediate danger, you can look for these problems that may arise.

Let’s be frank: some trees are purely irritating. They may be healthy, but they could merely be a nuisance. This could be because they shed fruit or seeds. It could also be because the wood is weak and, therefore, there is a high chance that it is going to break. Of course, you may need the trees to be removed from your land because you require the area for other purposes.

Sadly, there are sometimes healthy trees that experience simply unavoidable damage. This could be severe weather as well as accidental contact with a vehicle or animal damage. In such a case, you should not only remove the tree. You need to consult experts so that they can assess the situation and help you to make an informed decision. After all, there could be the possibility that the tree may recover.

  • Branciforte Creek
  • Pogonip / Harvey West
  • King Street / Mission St
  • Lighthouse / The Circles
  • Upper Seabright
  • Nobel / Roundtree
  • Banana Belt / Upper Ocean
  • Prospect Hts / Delaveaga
  • Seabright
  • Westside / Natural Bridges

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