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Christianson Tree Experts Co. is fully licensed and insured to provide the highest quality tree services to customers throughout Santa Cruz, California, and surrounding areas.

Tree removal

Tree Removal

Whether you’re in search of residential tree removal services or an excavation contractor for commercial purposes, we’re your team.

Land clearing

Land Clearing & Hauling

All of our land clearing contractors are well-versed in wildfire risk management, as well as residential cleanup and protection.


Trimming & Pruning

Our work adds value to your home, enhances your family’s safety, and ensures the trees on your property remain beautiful and expressive.

Keeping Trees Healthy and Beautiful In Los Gatos Since 1973

We take care of your trees to keep them healthy and disease-free. Our Los Gatos arborists make your gardens more beautiful, increase your property’s value, and reduce your liability. Our job is to plant trees, ensure their maximum tree growth, and remove trees from Los Gatos yards when they become a health hazard.

Our arborists live in the Bay Area. They know the common tree insects and diseases most likely to affect your garden. Call us at NUMBER for quick, professional, and fully-insured tree services.

Hazardous Tree Removal in Los Gatos

Damage to the root structure of your tree, an abundance of dead branches, and a huge canopy on a weak trunk poses a physical risk to your property, family, and neighbors. In Los Gatos, where more than 2,700 people live in each square mile, the risk to homes, cars, and people is greater. Consider our professional tree removal services if you notice any of these conditions developing in your home or office.

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Signs that You Need Us

  • A huge canopy and a weak trunk
  • Hanging branches
  • Large scars on the limbs
  • Noticeable decay in the wood
  • More than 3 years since the last professional tree health assessment
  • Sap flowing down to the ground
  • Crosses branches
  • A leaning of 30 degrees or greater
  • Root flares covered with conks and brackets

Trees are towering giants. In the popular imagination, they are difficult to kill. Unsurprisingly, many people are taken aback when they learn that their trees can fall ill, grow structurally weak, and die. A reason is most homeowners’ lack of training in identifying issues with their trees’ health. That’s where our experience in accurately assessing trees for present and future dangers proves useful.

Los Gatos Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Since 1973, Los Gatos households and businesses have trusted Christianson Tree Services for providing professional tree pruning and trimming services. Our work improves your yard’s appearance, adds value to your property and enhances the beauty and expressiveness of your trees.

Contact Us for Ornamental Trimming and Pruning if You Notice That

  • Trees have grown eerily close to power lines
  • Loosely hanging or dead branches are reducing your property’s curb appeal
  • The branches have started scratching your home
  • No professional arborist has had inspected your yard for more than three years

Improve your trees’ health and appearance, and enhance your property’s aesthetics with Christianson’s professional arborist services right here in Los Gatos.

Oak Tree Specialists in Los Gatos

Oak is a symbol of growth and strength. Our Los Gatos oak tree service ensure that your oak trees are safe, healthy, and pleasant to the eye.

Los Gatos Customers Call Our Oak Tree Specialists For

  • Regular maintenance
  • Tree health inspections
  • Rapid growth through potassium nitrate
  • Clearing the view
  • Seasonal cutting
  • Trimming, pruning, and stump removal
  • Lessening storm damage
  • Resizing trees

Arborists in Los Gatos

Transform your garden into the greenest and prettiest place in your neighborhood. Christianson Tree Experts possess the knowledge, equipment, and a strong desire to improve your garden’s appearance and health.

Christianson Tree Experts Help You With

  • Tree removal
  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Emergency tree care
  • Tree planting
  • Regular trimming and pruning
  • Risk damage reduction

Tree Stump Removal in Los Gatos

Stumps are an eyesore and present physical danger to your family members. Removing stumps and roots involves more than stump grinding and stump grinders. Christianson Tree Experts has been cleaning gardens for the past 50+ years. Los Gatos households and businesses hire us for quick, safe, and fully-insured stump removal.

Contact Us If You Notice Any of These Issues

  • Stumping destroying the appearance of your garden
  • Stumps turning into a safety hazard for your family members
  • Tree stumps lowering your home value
  • Overgrowing stumps damaging your property

What Do We Offer to Los Gatos Households and Businesses

Los Gatos property owners trust Christianson Tree Experts for all kinds of arboreal services because we offer them:

  • Highest Standards of Professionalism

    We go the extra mile to protect your property. We do not just dig holes to remove and plant trees. Our qualified and experienced staff surveys the area, draws a clean-up plan, and sticks to industry-standard practices to provide optimal services.

  • Complete Service from Planting through Removal

    Christianson’s tree service professionals can handle almost all issues related to trees. We plant young trees, ensure their optimal growth path, trim them, prune them, and remove when they age and become a risk to your family members and property.

  • Protection and Peace of Mind

    We are a fully-licensed and insured firm. We stick to industry-standard practices that are safe. You will find that our equipment is well-maintained. If an accident occurs, we will fix it and do not ask you for money.

  • Optimal Customer Service

    You are the priority for us. We show it through our work. When we come to your home or office to plant trees, stave off diseases, remove an infection, or prune hazardous branches, we will not stop at that. We will clean the area before leaving. Wherever you are in Los Gatos, we will work in close coordination with you and ensure 100 percent satisfaction.

Let’s Make Your Garden More Beautiful

Hire Christianson’s fully-licensed and insured and certified arborists for professional tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, and other services. Los Gatos is one of our core service areas where we provide quick-turnaround, quality services, the highest degree of professionalism, and fully-insured work right here in Los Gatos.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you look to hire a land clearing contractor, you need to ask if the company offers residential land clearing services or commercial land clearing services. The needs of someone who needs residential services are going to vary from the needs of someone who needs commercial services.

At Christianson Tree Experts, we still recommend that you work with a professional to ensure everything is done properly. You’ll need the right power drill, as well as potassium nitrate. Going to try to burn the stump on your own? At a minimum, talk to the local fire department. The last thing you want to do is miss safety precautions that lead to an out-of-control blaze.

One of the critical considerations to make when you are looking to choose a tree removal service is the time of year you opt to get your tree removed. Now, if you have a pressing reason to want the tree gone, this is going to impact when you might choose to get in touch with removal experts. However, if you can take a measured approach, the best time to do this would be the winter. In the winter months, the trees are bare, and this makes it easier to remove them more efficiently.

Tree removal services could save your property from serious harm in many ways. Make sure you get in touch with a local tree expert if your tree has become a risk, a hazard, or a severe inconvenience. Here are some ways in which removing a tree can save your property.

After the storm passes, look outside from the safety of your home first. The reason for doing this is that your trees may have tangled with utility lines. If this is something you notice, it is important to call an electricity provider straight away. Once you have established there is no immediate danger, you can look for these problems that may arise.

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  • Hillside / Monte Sereno West
  • Rinconada
  • Almond Grove Historic District / Edelen Historic District
  • Blossom Hill Manor / Placer Oaks
  • Noddin
  • Redwood Estates
  • Cameo Park / Los Gatos Village
  • Charter Oaks / Villa Felice
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