Storm Damaged Tree Removal Tips by Tree Care Experts

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Storm damaged tree removal tips by tree care experts

When storms hit your area, they can do damage to weak trees or branches that are hanging over buildings and vehicles. Knowing what to look for after a storm when it comes to trees surrounding your home or workplace can help deal with problems swiftly and prevent issues when the next storm hits.

There are certain tree problems you can look for after storms have passed through your area.

When Tree Service May Be Needed After a Storm

After storm passes, look outside from the safety of your home first. The reason for doing this is that your trees may have tangled with utility lines. If this is something you notice, it is important to call an electricity provider straight away. Once you have established there is no immediate danger, you can look for these problems that may arise.

Branches Pulling Away from the Trunk

Tree service - christianson tree experts co. Santa cruz, ca

If branches are pulling away from the trunk, they will need to be removed so that they don’t fall on buildings, cars or people. To keep your tree healthy, you will need to ensure that these branches are pruned correctly.

Torn Bark

Torn bark - christianson tree experts co. Santa cruz, ca

While torn bark may not seem like a major problem, these areas can become a great hiding place for insects and disease. Wounds will need to be smoothed and repaired to make sure the tree stays healthy.

Split Trees

Split trees - christianson tree experts co. Santa cruz, ca

If your tree was not in good shape prior to the storm or the storm was particularly bad, your tree may split straight down the middle. If this is the case, it is likely the tree will need to be a completely care.

Bent Trees

Bent trees - christianson tree experts co. Santa cruz, ca

If your tree now has a weird bend to it or is no longer straight it will need some TLC. If the tree is healthy enough to be saved, your tree may need to be secured so that the next storm doesn’t take it out. It is best to have a tree-like this assessed to make sure it is not in danger of breaking and doing damage to properties around it.

If you notice anything different when it comes to the trees surrounding your property after a storm, it is a good idea to have a professional assess the damage.

Hiring a Tree Service Company Near You to Assess the Damage

Tree service - christianson tree experts co. Santa cruz, ca

Whether or not your tree needs to be completely removed will depend on the overall health of the tree. A specialist is the best person to help you decide whether you will need to consider tree removal cost or whether your tree can be correctly pruned back to minimize damage. If the tree does need to be removed, the tree removal cost will be dependent on the size of the tree and its location within the property.

A good tree cutter company will be able to come out and give you a clear assessment on your home’s trees letting you know if they are healthy enough to remain, or if they are in danger of causing damage to the surrounding areas.

Get Tree Removal Service After Storm Damage

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If your trees have undergone storm damage, you may be asking, “Where can I find a tree trimming or tree removal service near me?”

The team at Christianson Tree Experts can help. We work in the local San Lorenzo Valley and surrounding areas such as: Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, Watsonville and beyond.

Our team of insured and licensed tree experts have been caring for trees in the local area for decades and have the knowledge and experience to provide a full range of tree services. We can assess the situation and give you a quote on tree stump removal cost, tree removal cost and tree cutting cost.

If you are in need of a tree service, contact the team at Christianson Tree Experts today.

Published on: Oct 28, 2016

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

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