10 tree maintenance tips every homeowner's need to know

10 Tree Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner’s Need to Know

Trees add beauty and value to any home. Think about it – a property with well-maintained, mature trees always looks and feels more inviting than a barren one. In addition to enhancing curb appeal, trees provide shade, oxygen production, noise reduction, and many other benefits. However, like any other living thing, trees require proper care…
Homeowner’s responsibility for overhanging tree branches

Homeowner’s Responsibility for Overhanging Tree Branches

For many homeowners, trees are a welcome addition to their property, providing shade, beauty, and even potential added value to their home. But having trees on your property also carries with it a certain responsibility. One that many homeowners don’t always think of: who is responsible for keeping those branches pruned and trimmed so they…
Tree trimming and pruning benefits

The Top 10 Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trees can be a wonderful addition to your property, bringing beauty and shade to your outdoor space. However, like any other living thing, trees require regular maintenance in order to stay healthy and flourish. Tree trimming and pruning are two important aspects of tree maintenance that homeowners should be aware of. Trimming and pruning help…
Storm damaged tree removal tips by tree care experts

Storm Damaged Tree Removal Tips by Tree Care Experts

When storms hit your area, they can do damage to weak trees or branches that are hanging over buildings and vehicles. Knowing what to look for after a storm when it comes to trees surrounding your home or workplace can help deal with problems swiftly and prevent issues when the next storm hits. There are…
Machine crushes the stump

How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost?

As much as we wish removing a tree stump was as easy as sticking a shovel in the ground and heaving, it’s not. This isn’t a DIY project. We’d recommend tackling yourself unless you have plenty of prior experience and training. Whether you recently chopped down a tree or you’ve always had a stump to…
Identifying a hazardous tree and the process of its removal

Identifying a Hazardous Tree and the Process of Its Removal

Hazardous trees or hazard trees in the Santa Cruz area can be hard to spot. These trees are given this name because they can do damage to humans, houses, cars, and anything surrounding them. When damage, injuries, or even death occurs, the owner of the tree is usually held responsible for the outcome. Therefore, it…
What to ask when hiring a land clearing contractor

What to Ask When Hiring a Land Clearing Contractor

Are you planning to do major construction on your property soon? It’s time to think about hiring a land clearing contractor to prepare the space for building and upgrades. If you’ve never scheduled a land clearing project before, you might be wondering how to find the right contractor. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of…
What is the right time to opt for a tree removal service

What Is The Right Time To Opt For A Tree Removal Service?

We all have bits and pieces that need to be sorted out in and around our properties. This is something you need to be proactive about as much as possible to make your life better. One of the critical things you need to be aware of is that tree removal is often essential for homeowners…
How does a tree removal service help you to save your property

How Does A Tree Removal Service Help You To Save Your Property?

“I think that I shall never see. A poem as lovely as a tree!” Those words by Joyce Kilmer are some of the most beloved in all of literature. And it’s fair to say that we love trees! We love looking at them. We love sitting in their shade. We love climbing them. We love…

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