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Residential and Commercial Tree Services

Christianson Tree Experts Co. is fully licensed and insured to provide the highest quality tree services to customers throughout Santa Cruz, California, and surrounding areas. When working with our business, client satisfaction is guaranteed. Below is a list of our offered services. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about a service you may not see listed here. Christianson Tree Experts Co. looks forward to providing you with all your tree service solutions!

Our Services:

  • Hedge Trimming
  • Tree Planting
  • Licensed Timber Operators
  • Logging and Land Clearing
  • We Buy Redwood
  • Custom Milling
  • Free Chips
  • Excellent References
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Complete Tree Care

Christianson Tree Experts Co. is a professional tree care service serving the needs of residential and commercial clientele. These include: municipalities, water districts, school districts, county agencies and recreation districts, golf courses, homeowners, road associations, community colleges, universities and corporate campuses, shopping centers and large estates.

We have been pleased to offer our services as Tree Care Professionals to the Greater Monterey Bay Area, Santa Clara Valley, and Greater San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years.  Through customer referral, we have traveled within the State of California to the Sierra Foothills, Lake Tahoe and every county in between.

Servicing the tree needs at second homes and vacation homes of our clientele.  We hold our name high as an experienced family-run business of great reputation and quality arboricultural expertise and workmanship. Our job is to solve tree care problems!

Heritage Tree Preservation

In the case of large or mature Heritage Trees such as prize Conifers, Oaks and other shade trees, our staff at Christianson Tree Experts have the knowledge to keep these special horticultural treasures healthy and structurally sound for years to come. Once we have the opportunity to advise and set-up a long-term program that addresses both the initial concerns as well as the longer-term maintenance issues, we will be well on our way to seeing these treasured giants enjoyed for many years to come. Through 40 years of acquired knowledge and experience, you can be assured of the highest level and most precise diagnosis of your Heritage Tree. Once our plan is implemented and work completed, we will re-visit yearly to follow up on the trees' continued health and vigor.

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Ornamental Trimming

Trimming Ornamentals, whether they are smaller deciduous landscape trees or backyard favorites like Flowering Plums or Magnolia, requires a special trained eye and knack for understanding the tree’s growth patterns. Trim too much when doing a winter prune of a Flowering Plum and next year the tree will have excess sucker growth.  Over-prune the canopy of a prize Magnolia, allowing sunlight to blast the inner branches, same issue of over-suckering, but also the risk of sun-scald on the tops of the bare limbs.  We understand the dynamics of proper pruning techniques and good tree health, and aim to educate or at least instruct our cliental as to the reason behind our specific recommendations when given at the time of our visit to your home or business.  We are not hackers!

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