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Let Your Oaks Symbolize Strength and Growth

The oak is the national tree in the United States, and it symbolizes strength and growth. Our job is to make sure neither human neglect nor elements weaken your oak or cut short its life.

We plant new oaks in your yard, keep the existing ones healthy, and remove the old ones posing a hazard to your property or family. Contact us at (831)-338-6984 if you love your trees and want to keep them in good shape.

Oak Tree Services - Santa Cruz CA

The Enemies of Your Oak

Oaks are strong, and they can be huge; reaching up to 70 feet in height and nine feet in diameter. The branches can expand up to 135 feet. Despite the strength, these trees aren’t invincible. Neglect and diseases can wreak havoc on their health and shorten their life.

  • Pests

    Pests can spin pad-like structures on trunks and branches. They can structurally weaken a tree. Common oak pests are gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar), scarlet oak sawfly (Caliroa quercus coccinea), and lace bugs (Corythucha ciliate).

  • Diseases

    Trees can fall ill. In fact, a disease called Sudden Oak Death (Phytophthora ramorum) is a primary cause of oaks dying in the Bay Area. Other diseases to strike oaks include anthracnose, leaf blister, and root rot.

  • Neglect

    Oaks are living beings. From an acorn in the ground, they grow into adulthood and eventually die. Their needs change according to their age. It’s essential to provide them with what they need to sustain their growth and maintain their health.

Hire Professionals to Nurture and Protect Your Oaks

Santa Cruz is home to several species of oaks, each with its own demands, strengths, and weaknesses. They need care which can be provided by either homeowner with a deep knowledge of oak trees or ISA certified professionals; the certification ensuring that the oak tree specialist has the requisite education. For the average person, the second choice is less time-consuming.

Oak tree specialists have several methods in their toolkit to maintain the health, appearance, and safety of your oak trees. Common methods include:

Use of fungicides
Tree removal
Tree planting
Professional Tree Service - Santa Cruz CA

You Will Love Us Because We

Christianson Tree Experts use the standard methods and more to care for oak trees.

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    Put Our Clients First

    Be it planting a new tree, staving off diseases and infestation, or removing a hazardous branch; we put your preferences first.

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    Have 40 Years’ Experience

    Our oak tree specialists have been engaged in keeping yards in Santa Cruz and neighboring counties rich and vibrant in color for more than four decades.

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    Ensure Stellar Oak Growth

    Oak is America’s national tree. It’s a symbol of strength. Our team ensures the oaks on your property remain healthy and live longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of signs to help you determine whether or not you should get your tree removed. Whatever the reason, Christianson Tree Experts will inspect each element of a tree to determine whether it needs removal. If it does, we will promptly remove it using the industry-standard equipment and precautions.

Tree removal services could save your property from serious harm in many ways. Make sure you get in touch with a local tree expert if your tree has become a risk, a hazard, or a severe inconvenience. Here are some ways in which removing a tree can save your property.

One of the critical considerations to make when you are looking to choose a tree removal service is the time of year you opt to get your tree removed. Now, if you have a pressing reason to want the tree gone, this is going to impact when you might choose to get in touch with removal experts. However, if you can take a measured approach, the best time to do this would be the winter. In the winter months, the trees are bare, and this makes it easier to remove them more efficiently.

If you are looking to clear land or space, you may need to hire a land clearing contractor. Here at Christianson Tree Experts Co., we are proud to offer demolition services to help clear your land. We can help to break up old concrete surfaces, such as patios, remove large rocks and boulders, clear out old trees and stumps, get rid of old storage sheds and/or level land. All of these land clearing services help to create a space that allows you to transfer an old, unusable space into one that can be built or planted on.

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