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Land Clearing and Hauling

If you’re planning to build on your Santa Cruz property, you’ll need land clearing services to remove tree stumps and roots that could compromise your foundation. Our excavation contractors will ensure the land is void of any threats - and our hauling service will transport debris to a safe disposal location.

Wildfire Damage Cleanup

More than 650 wildfires have raged across our state, leaving 1.25 million acres burned. Wildfires are simply a reality of life in California these days – and scorched trees create serious risks. A big part of any cleanup after a wildfire involves dead/dying tree excavation. 

We’ve seen just how much damage a series of small fires can do, as well as the excavations services required due to large blazes. Hiring a licensed contractor to handle California wildfire cleanup ensures that your property and family stay safe. You can trust that we take wildfire cleanup and prevention seriously.

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Hazard Tree Removal

Dangerous roots and invasive trees can wreak havoc on your property. As a licensed excavation contractor, we’ll help you understand the best ways to remove troublesome vegetation and safety hazards. Get in touch with our team today and keep you and your property protected.

Looking for the Best Excavation Services and Contractor in Santa Cruz?

The exterior appearance or “curb appeal” and look of a home or business are crucial for any number of reasons. It makes sense, first impressions are important, both for businesses and for “regular” people. Excellence in exterior looks begins from a clean, even surface which is why it’s critical to turn to the right local excavating contractors for step one of every project.

Excavating is the act of removing soil, rock, or yes, trees, from a site, and getting the land prepared for further grading and preparation. In many cases, an excavation contractor is the first company you will call when you want to begin building on a new site, or if you plan to expand on your current property.

Christianson Tree Experts Co. is more than just a tree removal company. In fact, we have several other services geared towards helping you get your property looking its best. Excavation services are another set of our specialties, and some we take seriously. We take pride in the work we do getting the land ready for your next big project. Because trees are our number one business, there is no tree, bush, or any other plant that can stand in between us in getting the job done right.

What Sets Christianson Tree Experts Apart

We are in the unique position of being not only excavation contractors but also handling site work, storm damage clean up tree removal and other tasks to get your property looking its best. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest techniques and training. Every member of our staff will have the knowledge and know-how to do the job done right and keep you well informed every step of the way. In addition, we want to make sure to treat you as a partner in the excavation project, valuing your opinions and utilizing them as we create a plan of attack. In doing this, we have built a reputation as one of the top excavating companies, while maintaining our position as a top tree care firm in the Boulder Creek, California area.

Excavation services santa cruz
Excavation services santa cruz

Your Unique Excavation Concerns

Whether your land is covered in trees, you have erosion worries or you are dealing with highly uneven land, the goal is always to turn something imperfect into a space that can support your building--be it residential, commercial or industrial.

Christianson Tree Experts offers our customers many different earth-moving and land-adjusting services. We help you get started with site development so that your next construction project will go smoothly and look its best. Our expert management staff takes charge of the excavation project, making sure you are 100% comfortable with everything we do before we do it. In addition, we put a huge priority on doing every task in both the safest and in the most environmentally conscious manner. We work with your schedule and can help you stay on schedule with other construction teams. All the equipment we use is licensed, registered and always inspected prior to being used on the jobsite--something you can count on from us.

If you’d like to learn more about our local excavation contractors and how we can help you turn even the roughest and harshest terrain into a smooth, clean surface that is ready for building, reach out to us at Christianson Tree Experts today. We look forward to showing you that we know about more than just trees!

You Will Love Us Because We

Christianson Tree Experts use the standard methods and more to care for oak trees.

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    Put Our Clients First

    Be it planting a new tree, staving off diseases and infestation, or removing a hazardous branch; we put your preferences first.

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    Have 40 Years’ Experience

    Our oak tree specialists have been engaged in keeping yards in Santa Cruz and neighboring counties rich and vibrant in color for more than four decades.

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    Ensure Stellar Oak Growth

    Oak is America’s national tree. It’s a symbol of strength. Our team ensures the oaks on your property remain healthy and live longer.

Providing Tree Care Service in Santa Cruz County and Beyond

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our tree removal service removes unsightly, dangerous tree waste from your yard. Whether you’re in search of residential tree removal services or an excavation contractor for commercial purposes, we’re your team.

If you are looking to clear land or space, you may need to hire a land clearing contractor. Here at Christianson Tree Experts Co., we are proud to offer demolition services to help clear your land. We can help to break up old concrete surfaces, such as patios, remove large rocks and boulders, clear out old trees and stumps, get rid of old storage sheds and/or level land. All of these land clearing services help to create a space that allows you to transfer an old, unusable space into one that can be built or planted on.

As you look to hire a land clearing contractor, you need to ask if the company offers residential land clearing services or commercial land clearing services. The needs of someone who needs residential services are going to vary from the needs of someone who needs commercial services.

Tree removal services could save your property from serious harm in many ways. Make sure you get in touch with a local tree expert if your tree has become a risk, a hazard, or a severe inconvenience. Here are some ways in which removing a tree can save your property.

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