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We are arborists. We can make your yard the envy of your neighbors. We have the knowledge, equipment, and a strong desire to enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase your property’s value.

Contact us at (831)-338-6984 if you want our team to beautify the trees in your yard, sustain their growth, and protect them from pests and diseases.

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Risks of Not Consulting Licensed Arborists

If you live in Santa Cruz and have a yard with even one tree, it becomes essential to consult a licensed arborist at regular intervals. You are risking your trees, property, and safety by not doing that.

  • Ugly Trees Lower Property Value

    Unmaintained, untrimmed, and unpruned trees can develop into ugly monstrosities which do little to enhance the appearance of your yard. They damage it, instead.

  • Diseased Trees Damage Landscaping

    Trees get infected with illnesses. Without a licensed arborist, it is well-nigh impossible to detect diseases in time; leading to unnecessary removals.

  • Increased Risk of Injuries

    Branches can break off trees and accidentally hit someone. For the average person without training, it’s virtually impossible to detect if a branch poses a risk. Arborists can look out for potentially weak tree limbs and remove them in time.

What We Can Do for You

We provide a range of tree services, right from planting to removal and everything between.

  • Tree Planting to Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal

    We can plan trees that will thrive on your property, improving the appearance of your yard and your home’s curb appeal. Our certified arborist will work with you to determine the best tree species and time for your yard.

  • Regular Maintenance for Sustained Growth

    We perform regular maintenance activities, such as the use of fertilizers, disease detection, and nutrition monitoring to help enable sustained growth.

  • Trimming and Pruning for Your Tree’s Health

    Regular trimming and pruning help sustain your tree in good health. We can remove hazardous limbs, detect and counter diseases and infestations, and assess your tree’s other needs to prolong its life.

  • Emergency Tree Care After to Reduce Damage Risk

    Strong winds and storms can cause entire trees to fall or some branches to hang precariously., jeopardizing your safety. We can remove such unwanted, storm-damaged limbs safely—reducing the risk to your property.

  • Tree Removal to Safeguard Your Family

    We can remove damaged, diseased, and unsafe trees from your property. We are a certified team of arborists who can complete their job efficiently and quickly.

Why You Would Love Us in Your Yard

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    Fully Licensed and Insured

    When it comes to providing tree services on your property, trust a company that’s fully licensed and insured. Trust Christianson Tree Services.

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    Complete Service: Planting–Removal

    Our tree services specialists are capable of handling almost all issues relating to the planting, growth, trimming, pruning, and removal of trees. We can also prevent diseases and infestations.

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    Industry Standard Practices

    Qualified and experienced staff sticks to the current industry standard practices to maintain your tree’s health and improve your yard’s appearance.

Providing Tree Care Service in Santa Cruz County and Beyond

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Frequently Asked Questions

After the storm passes, look outside from the safety of your home first. The reason for doing this is that your trees may have tangled with utility lines. If this is something you notice, it is important to call an electricity provider straight away. Once you have established there is no immediate danger, you can look for these problems that may arise.

Let’s be frank: some trees are purely irritating. They may be healthy, but they could merely be a nuisance. This could be because they shed fruit or seeds. It could also be because the wood is weak and, therefore, there is a high chance that it is going to break. Of course, you may need the trees to be removed from your land because you require the area for other purposes.

Sadly, there are sometimes healthy trees that experience simply unavoidable damage. This could be severe weather as well as accidental contact with a vehicle or animal damage. In such a case, you should not only remove the tree. You need to consult experts so that they can assess the situation and help you to make an informed decision. After all, there could be the possibility that the tree may recover.

One of the critical considerations to make when you are looking to choose a tree removal service is the time of year you opt to get your tree removed. Now, if you have a pressing reason to want the tree gone, this is going to impact when you might choose to get in touch with removal experts. However, if you can take a measured approach, the best time to do this would be the winter. In the winter months, the trees are bare, and this makes it easier to remove them more efficiently.

How Does A Tree Removal Service Help You To Save Your Property?
Tree removal services could save your property from serious harm in many ways. Make sure you get in touch with a local tree expert if your tree has become a risk, a hazard, or a severe inconvenience. Here are some ways in which removing a tree can save your property.

At Christianson Tree Experts, we still recommend that you work with a professional to ensure everything is done properly. You’ll need the right power drill, as well as potassium nitrate. Going to try to burn the stump on your own? At a minimum, talk to the local fire department. The last thing you want to do is miss safety precautions that lead to an out-of-control blaze.

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