BBB A+ Rated Tree Services in Aptos

Planning, Maintaining, and Removing Trees in Aptos for 40+ Years

Christianson Tree Experts are local arborists for Aptos households and businesses. Our job is to plant trees, ensure their maximum growth, and remove them from your yard when they become a health hazard. Call us at 831-338-6984 or at 831-425-0801 for quick, professional, and fully-insured tree services.

Removing Trees in Aptos

Hazardous Tree Removal in Aptos

A tree with a large canopy, dead branches, or root structure issues is a risk to your property, family, and neighbors. This is especially true in Aptos, where homes, cars, and people are close to one another. Call our professional tree removal services immediately if you notice any of these conditions developing in your garden.

Call Us if You Notice

  • Larger-than-usual canopy
  • Sap running down to the ground
  • Dead branches
  • Crossed branches
  • Limb scars
  • Leaning of 30 degrees or more
  • Wood decay deeper than two inches
  • Conks and brackets on root flares
  • The need for an assessment

Many homeowners do not have the training to identify developing issues. That's where our experience in accurately assessing trees for present and future dangers is helpful.

Aptos Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

For years, Aptos households and businesses have trusted our tree pruning and trimming services to improve their yards' appearance. Our work adds value to properties and enhances the beauty and expressiveness of trees.

Call Us for Ornamental Trimming and Pruning if You Notice

  • Trees too close to power lines
  • Branches scratching your home
  • Loosely hanging branches reducing curb appeal
  • No licensed inspection is done for more than three years

Improve your trees' health and enhance your property's aesthetics with a professional arborist services right here in Aptos.

Oak Tree Specialists in Aptos

Oak symbolizes strength and growth. Our Aptos oak tree service ensures the safety, health, and beauty of oak trees in Aptos.

Call Our Oak Tree Specialists For

  • Seasonal cutting and regular maintenance
  • Tree diagnostics to identify your tree's health needs
  • Trimming, pruning and stump removal to reduce the danger of injury
  • Increasing growth through potassium nitrate
  • Minimizing storm damage
  • Removing trees blocking your view
  • Resizing trees to their size

Arborists in Aptos

Our arborists will make your yard the envy of your neighbors. We have the knowledge, equipment, and a strong desire to enhance your home's curb appeal and increase your property's value.

Christianson Tree Experts Help You With

  • Tree removal
  • Tree planting
  • Regular maintenance
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Emergency tree care
  • Reduction in risk damage

Tree Stumps Removal in Aptos

Removing stumps and roots involves more than stump grinding and stump grinders. We have been cleaning Aptos gardens for the past 40 years. Hire us for quick, safe, and fully-insured stump removal in Aptos.

Contact Us if You Have Any of These Issues

  • Stumping becoming an eyesore
  • Tree stumps lowering your property's value
  • Stumps turning into a safety hazard
  • Stumps damaging your property

What Do We Offer to Aptos Households and Businesses

Here are some reasons Aptos property owners trust Christianson Tree Experts for all kinds of arboreal services.

  • Highest Standards of Professionalism

    We pay attention to your property, instead of just drilling holes and removing or planting tree roots and leave. Our staff is qualified and experienced. We stick to the current industry standard practices to maintain your trees' health and improve your yard's appearance.

  • Complete Service from Planting through Removal

    Our tree service professionals are capable of handling almost all issues relating to the planting young trees, growth, trimming, pruning, and removal of trees. We can also prevent diseases and infestations.

  • Licensed and Insured Arboreal Work

    Christian Tree Experts is a fully-licensed and insured firm. You will find that our work practices are safe and our equipment is well-maintained. In case an accident occurs, we will fix it and do not ask you for money.

  • BBB A+ Rated Company Experience

    We are one of the few arborists in Aptos to be BBB A+ rated. We promise quick turnaround, reliable service, reasonable prices, timely communication, and respect.

  • Emphasis on Customer Service

    For us, you are the priority. And this shows when we come to your place to plan trees, stave off diseases, infestation, or remove hazardous branches, fill the holes, and do the cleaning before leaving. Wherever you are in Aptos, you can be sure that we will work in close coordination with you and ensure 100 percent satisfaction.

Let's Make Your Yard More Beautiful

Hire our fully-licensed and insured certified arborists for professional tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, and other services in Aptos, Santa Cruz. We are locals and provide quick-turnaround, quality services, the highest degree of professionalism, and fully-insured work right here in Aptos.

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